From the get go, we make sure your listing is the talk of the town.  

We speak Denver​, meaning we don’t just woo your perfect  buyer — we bring ‘em straight to your front door. 

STEP 1: WE LISTEN -We know getting started can be crazy stressful, which is why we kick things off with some easy questions that pinpoint what’s most important to you in the sale. You know what you want. We help you get it. (​High five?) 

STEP 2: WE MAKE YOUR HOME LOOK GOOD - From there, you’ll have a professional staging consultation, HD photos Architectural Digest will weep over, and a pre-marketing campaign* that will have our large network of buyers and industry partners chomping at the bit. There’s a reason why our listings sell for over asking price — and with less days on market than our competitors.

STEP 3: WE CAN POST THE SOLD SIGN IN A JIF - By the time your open house rolls around, we’ll just sit back and watch the offers roll in. We’re certified negotiation experts (yes, it’s a thing), which means we’ll be prepared no matter what comes across the table.. 

BONUS POINTS: To top it all off, we wrap up the process by giving back to the neighborhood nonprofit. Because let’s face it: a little good karma in your back pocket is a pretty awesome souvenir from your sale. 

Pre-marketing campaign* includes full color 4-page brochures, a professional floorplan, neighborhood shots,  a virtual tour of your home, e-flyers, an individual property website, and obviously gobs of internet/social media exposure.

Straight from our Sellers mouths

Rebecca is simply amazing and I cannot recommend her enough. She has helped us buy and sell multiple homes over the last few years and each time I have been blown away not only by her kindness and sweet disposition, but her professionalism and lightning-speed response times. I know she’s always crazy busy, but somehow she always made us feel like we were her only clients and her top priority. She always had our best interests and provided us with information before we even knew we needed it. Oh, and she’s a super expert with everything Denver and can find the smallest of discrepancies in any contract. She is just really good. I could seriously go on and on. I love her. She’s amazing. If we hadn’t just left Denver, I would probably make her my BFF.
- Lyndsy Gordon 

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