We’re here to get you one step closer to walking around like you own the place. 

You have our promise that we won’t drag you to every listing in town---just the ones so good, you can’t imagine hanging your hat anywhere else. 

Here’s how

STEP 1: WE LEARN ABOUT YOU - we’ll get to know you and focus on the the why as much as the what. Because the life you want isn’t just shaped by what you have. It’s also about where you’d like to be (and why you’re determined to get there, in the first place). Don’t know what you’re looking for? At Denver Dwellings Co, we pride ourselves on understanding exactly who our clients are and what home/Denver neighborhood best suits their lifestyle.

STEP 2: WE EXPLORE - Once we’re clear about what you want, we set our sights high, keep our eyes open, and knock on a few front doors. With your budget and bucket list in mind, we work to get you into top-notch showings that check all of your boxes, and blow you away. Our knack for finding “one-of-a-kind” homes for our buyers has gained us a loyal following. So sit back. Relax. It’s what we do best. 

STEP 3 : WE KEEP IT STRESS FREE -If your head spins at just the thought of starting this process, don’t worry. From pre-qual to closing, we won’t leave your side until you’ve got your keys firmly in hand. Once we find you the perfect place, we’ll prepare a market analysis, walk you through comps and help you determine a fair offer price. All that’s left is preparing and presenting the offer. Did I mention that we are negotiation experts? Simply stated, that means we are skillfully trained in the art of advocating for you. And boy do we have connections! Our relationships with contractors, designers, plumbers, electricians, general inspectors, lenders, and title companies let you know that it’s okay to leave the heavy lifting to us. In short: We make the process fun (yes, fun!) and almost as stress-free as a stroll along the Seine. If you’re ready for a crêpe walk, let’s get to it. 

BONUS POINTS: When all is said and done, we’ll help you be the best neighbors possible by giving back to a nonprofit in your neighborhood and introducing you to local businesses. 


Here's what our buyers are saying

When I look back on this major life milestone, I will always think of Rebecca. I know I would not be closing on such a perfect place if it weren’t for her determination, optimism, and savviness. This was never about just finding a place to live. It was about finding a home--somewhere for me to continue my journey and pursue new life goals. I thank Rebecca, for never treating this like a transaction. I am absolutely grateful for the love, energy and time she devoted to this.
- Lindsay Ellis 

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