Dwell (v.) – to live in a specified space

to dwell in Denver (v): 1.) to live life elevated; at a mile high, to be exact 2.) to live where the mountains are calling and there’s a fresh brew available at nearly every corner 3.) to live where the sunsets are so good, musicians write songs about them (the actual sunlight is pretty awesome too...illuminating our beautiful city a remarkable 300 days of the year)

At Denver Dwellings Co, we recognize that home is more than a structure, more than a shelter, and more than just a space. It’s a place to rest. It’s a place to return to time and again. It’s a place to gather, to be yourself, to make memories and to dream (literally).

Denver Dwellings Co is a boutique brokerage committed to our clients + to the City we call home. At the core of everything we do, we are customer experts and our focus is on always doing what’s right for them.

Our agents are authentic and approachable with well-rounded backgrounds and deep-seeded knowledge in all things real estate. They are forward thinkers, creative problem solvers, and big-question askers.

We intentionally keep it small at Denver Dwellings Co. to ensure that our clients get personalized service based on honesty, integrity and industry expertise.

Our goal is to match you with the perfect property catered to fit your residential or investment needs. 

We are city people. We’re out in the community. We’re on the bike paths, at local vintage stores, and we’re in your neighborhood coffee shop. We live where our customers live. 

We speak Denver


Head here to connect. (The first cup of coffee’s on us.)   

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Rebecca is an absolutely fabulous real estate agent - in every respect. First and foremost, her willingness to do whatever it took to find our dream house! In the Denver market, that is no easy task. We never would have found it without her persistence and patience. She knows Denver neighborhoods like the back of her hand. She also helped us sell our home! We were selling off the prime season and it took a certain kind of buyer to see it. Rebecca did everything she could to get us under contract quickly and encouraged us not to do things that wouldn't give us a return on our investment. Finally, Rebecca is not only magic in the real estate space----she is a wonderful human on this earth. For every community she buys or sells in.....she writes a check to a local, neighborhood cause. How awesome is that?!
Jasper + Kate Verlaan 

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